Ways To Clean Kids Room

Nothing makes your head ache like the sight of your children’s messy room. The walls have crayon drawing, the bed is never made and “under the bed” is another jungle on its own. You have no idea where to start from and every time you tell them to clean their room, a battle ensues. At the end of the day you are forced to do the cleaning yourself, since they are too young for you to keep scolding them and the house has to be clean either way.

The truth is that it need not be a fight or a headache each time you have to clean your kid’s room. Find out how the kids room can look like a miniature master bedroom and sparkle like a spring-cleaned kitchen.Read this article.

  1. Get rid of all that is unnecessary

You kids love their toys and you love buying them. Toys help your children to grow and keep them out of your way all the time. The result is that your kids end up having more than they need, which they clutter all over. Take some time and get rid of unnecessary items in your kid’s room. Most of it will be toys and clothes. Make a habit of giving away clothes every six months, since your child is growing out of the ones you keep on buying. The less you have in the room the less likely there will be clutter you cannot handle.

  1. Place the bed on the floor

One of the dreadful places in a kid’s room is “under the bed.” You will find dirty socks next to a rotting pizza wedge, and their schoolbooks underneath the bed. When you tell them to clean up, most times they stuff things under the bed.

To avoid the mess under the bed, simply get rid of ‘under the bed’. Your child will find this more fun than a high bed they that they have to climb every night, and one that they are constantly scolded for jumping on. The bed need not be directly on the floor. Many designs for beds without the frame are available and they are both comfortable and safe for your children. They will enjoy the new design and you will say goodbye to the dirt.


  1. Place things in hangers and hooks

Children are not fond of folding clothes. It is a mundane task to them and their way of arranging ends up being stashing clothes into the drawers. Instead of getting wardrobes with huge drawers, rearrange their room with low areas they can reach with hangers and hooks. This way they will find it easier to hang something rather than folding it all the time. Do not get rid of the folding areas completely to avoid the room lacking space and looking like a shopping mall. Find the balance.

  1. Do the cleaning with them

Finally, they will find it a chore if you are always commanding them to do the cleaning. Clean the room with them and establish a routine. Children learn better from example than instruction. Make it a bonding moment with your kids and they will always look forward to room cleaning time. Once you drill this practice in them when they are young, they will not depart from it even when they get older.