Simple Tips for DIY Safety at Home-At A Look

Looking for some DIY home security? If you live in a neighborhood where your safety is something that comes into question, you can never be too careful. The only thing is a home security system can cost quite a bit of money to install. So what can you do if you’re strapped for cash yet still need some protection? Well, you can try out these DIY home security tips:more info¬†navigate here

1. Get A Dog

This is one of the simplest things, yet it can be quite effective. If you already have a dog, as long as it’s a medium sized one, it will give any would be intruder who is thinking about breaking in pause. Dogs are very astute and will be able to sense if someone is trying to break in often times, even late at night. With an active threat of an animal which can potentially bite him, you’d be surprised to find out that many burglars won’t stick around long enough to complete their robbery.

2. Install Lighting

Another simple thing you can do is install lighting outside your house which has motion sensors. This way if someone is creeping around outside of your house, it will trigger bright lights to be shined on them, putting them in clear view of everyone. You want to adjust the sensitivity though so it doesn’t go off if a stray skunk or raccoon is walking by.

Making sure you home is safe should be a top priority. You can provide protection for your home with some basic house improvements. Here are just a few ideas.

Install new locks on the doors and windows of your home. Many older locks should be replaced. If any of your windows do not have locks on them, make certain you install some.

Trim your hedges that are unruly or high enough to block the view of your yard. None of your doors or windows should be blocked. All possible places that anyone can enter your property should be visible.

Install motion or heat sensing flood lights in your yard. If you have lights that also have timers, set them off to go off at regular intervals. Keeping shadows away from your home helps keep burglars at bay.

If you are away from home for a while remember to have your home look as if its still being occupied. Ask a trusted neighbor or friend to collect your mail and newspapers while you are gone. Park your car in the driveway to give your place a lived in appearance, or ask your neighbor to park their car there while you are away.

For home safety install a self-charging smoke detector. You don’t want to worry about a smoke detector that might get a dead battery. It’s also a good idea to keep a fire extinguisher in an easy to reach place, and let everyone in the home know how to use it.

The neighborhood watch is another good safety precaution. It is absolutely free, another incentive to join. If you don’t have one for your neighborhood yet, start one up yourself.

There are literally dozens of precautions you can do, such as replacing flimsy outside doors and posting “Beware of Dog” signs out to scare unfriendly people away. Installing a professional security system is a great way to add extra protection to your home. And don’t forget to update your homeowners insurance in case of anything unexpected happening to your home.