Right Length Of Best Field Hockey Sticks

This article describes a procedure by which a composite field hockey stick can be shortened to the right length. For example, a 36.5″ composite stick can be shortened to any measurement between 36.5″ and 35″. A 38″ composite stick can be shortened by as much as one inch to 37″. The shortening of the composite stick will not change the center of balance by more than one eighth inch. best field hockey sticks¬†offers excellent info on this.

In order for the procedure to be successful, certain tools are necessary. The procedure is not complicated, but it does require skill in the use of the tools. One should always be careful when using hand or power tools. Those who have followed the procedure report that it takes about ten minutes to complete. Here are the necessary tools: a carbide blade hacksaw; pliers such as channel locks; a tape measure; plastic electrical tape; and a cutting tool such as a small knife. In addition, a miter box or vise and a small drill are recommended.

To begin, one measures the length to be cut off from the end cap of the shaft. One layer of tape is wrapped around the handle to mark where to cut. One cuts through the grip and peals it away to reveal two “pop” rivets that hold the end cap in place. The object is to remove the end cap which is very securely fastened. First, the rivets are drilled out or cut off. Then, one uses the large mouth pliers to grasp the end cap, while twisting the stick. One must be forceful, since the end cap is tightly glued and may still be connected to the pop rivets. As soon as the end cap is removed, one begins cutting by using a stable surface, vise, or miter box. It is necessary to take your time while cutting, because there is a lot of carbon in the composite material. When through cutting, immediately remove any “saw dust” or composite particles by tipping and carefully shaking the stick. Be certain that there are no particles inside of the end cap. The next step is to refasten the end cap without the pop rivets. Some epoxy glue may be used, although it is not required. After tapping the end cap into place, one wraps a layer of tape. Finally, one rewraps the grip and secures it with electrical tape.

Of course, many are just not confident about the idea of shortening their own composite field hockey sticks. In that case, some field hockey shops offer custom shortening. It may cost a little extra, but it is well worth it to have the proper length field hockey stick.